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RelaxSan Shop is a online shop where you can buy compression stockings, thermal underwear and shapewear
and products for the well-being of your family. Discover our best offers!



Compression Stockings, Support Hosiery and Products for the Well-Being of the Body

Compression Stockings and Compression Socks

We offer a wide range of medical compression stockings, with a therapeutic graduated compression action on your feet and on your legs that allow to treat and prevent a lot of venous and circulatory diseases.

For people with muscular and skeletal problems our orthopedic products are a very good solution: ideal after breaks, to cure tendon and muscles tension, or during rehabilitation period after plaster bandages with the immobilization of articulation and after operations.

Thermal underwear and elastic bandages are instead used for all those pathologies where is required a local thermal therapy with a warming action: arthritis, lumbago, muscular pains, colitis, the inflammation of back and kidneys.  

Our complete line of diabetic socks and medical stockings includes seamless diabetic socks and people with sensible feet, that are made only with high quality materials and natural yarns.

Shapewear for Men and Women

We offer products such as shapewear for men and shapewear for women, with all the items you need to shape your body, with a slimming and push-up action to reshape your silhouette without sacrificing comfort.

We propose control underwear for men and womenslimming girdles and slimming pantscontrol tanks and control camisoles, and all the products you need to fit perfectly all your dresses!

We have also a line specifically dedicated to women, with underwear designed and created to fight the formation of imperfections caused by cellulite. These underwear products are built with the aim of massage, model and redefine the contours of the body.

Pregnancy Underwear and Pregnancy Compression Stockings

RelaxMaternity is a complete range of seamless maternity underwear dedicated to pregnant women and new mothers, for the best comfort and well-being of the body during and after pregnancy, with items made only with high quality materials and natural yarns (cotton, milk fibers and innovative silver fibers).

For your babies our baby underwear line includes seamless items ideal for boys and girls from 6 moths to 36 months. This is possible because the line products are produced using a new technology that provides considerable flexibility, extensibility and comfort, ensuring a perfect wearability up to three years age with a single size.

Finally line of cosmetics made only with natural elements ideal to give a soothing sensation and a lot of aesthetic benefits to your skin, and can be used singly or in combination with all our orthopedic, medical and underwear products!