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Compression stockings

The Relaxsan Medicale line includes a complete range of products for the wellness of your legs, with different kind of compression stockings.

Our stockings with graduated compression help to prevent and treat venous and circulatory problems of legs, with a great comfort thanks to the high quality fabrics and to the modern manufacturing technologies used to produce these items.

Relaxsan, thanks to these particular excellent quality products, gives you an effective help to treat in an easy way different kind of blood circulation problems during different periods of your life.

Depending on the compression exerted on ankle, our stockings with graduated compression are divided into Classes, according to experimental UNI ENV 12718 European standard.

40 DEN - graduated compression 8-11 mmHg

70 DEN - graduated compression 12-17 mmHg

140 DEN - graduated compression 18-22 mmHg

280 DEN - graduated compression 22-27 mmHg

Class 1 – 15-21 mmHg – Moderate Compression

Class 2 – 23-32 mmHg – Medium Compression

Class 3 – 34-46 mmHg – High Compression

Anti-Embolism AE20 – 18-23 mmHg

Anti-Embolism AE30 – 25-32 mmHg

Here it is possible to choose the necessary product, as well as the degree of compression and the material. This particular kind of compression stockings is usually prescribed and suggested by the specialist who can recommend which is the product and the compression more adequate, depending on the extent of pathology.

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