Fidelity Program

Join now Relaxan’s Fidelity Program

Join now Relaxan’s Fidelity Program!

To start, sign up free on and get you first 200 Points Bonus to use on RelaxSan Shop!

Collect fidelity points is simple and funny:
  • Register and get 200 bonus points;
  • Buy the products and for each € spent you get 5 points (for example: if you spend 10€ you get 50 points;
  • Review your purchases and get 50 extra-points for each published review*;
  • Invite your friends to join RelaxSan Shop and get 50 extra-points for each friend who complete the registration process*;
  • Use the code you receive in the newsletters to get more bonus points;
  • Receive 200 points for your birthday
Use your fidelity points how and when you like:
  • Convert your points into discounts on RelaxSan Shop: 100 points give you 1€ discount;
  • Choose how many points to use in every moment, without limit of purchase: you can use your fidelity points as credit on purchases, without minimum of order.
Stay updated about the status of your points collection:
  • Receive periodic notification about your points balance status;
  • Login every moment in the Fidelity Program section of your account.
Start soon to collect fidelity points, buy now on RelaxSan Shop!!

*50 points will be assigned for each published review or for each friend who confirm your invitation and sign up on the website with a maximum of 250 gain-points at day