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Julianna A


Good quality purchase

Love those masks, bought twice (different colours).

Julianna A


Very good purchase

Great belt, soft and warm

mark y


Super everyday summer tights.

These tights provide a good level of support for everyday use. They have a nice light sheen and wash well.



Best Maternity Underwear

These are the best maternity knickers! They are super comfortable, support the belly (especially under the belly where most support is needed) and fit perfectly. Even in the summer heat these knickers are the best, breathable and soft!



Great belt for my tummy

Good belly band for belly without abdominal muscles. Keep the belly well under control.



Light, not too warm, perfect for my purposes.

Got these to go mountain biking and it turns out they are just perfect for that purpose, just long enough to provide some protection.



Excellent in every way

We have been using these compression tights for a number of years and can state that they are a superb quality product that offer great support and longevity. it's also worth mentioning that Relaxsan's customer service is second to none.




fast delivery, good quality.



So guys, whatever you read great reviews, they are true! 5***** The quality is amazing, the customer service is great. You can trust this company! As I found you online, I will shop only form you now

So guys, whatever you read great reviews, they are true! 5***** I’m living in Qatar & still the delivery was fast. So, my story with the product. A pair of was gifted to me by my sister 2 years and half ago. I used more than 6 months. No single break. Then, I made a small hole in the tights in the upper part. So I decided to buy something else. My sister bought for me a dozen, different companies & me also. I was wearing them 3 weeks maximum & they break. So I came back to my old pair of stockings. One day, as I just washed them, the label was so erased & I could see only relax...I searched & I found them. I was soo happy. Guys, I always washed them in the washing machine, even though it’s not good, but still I used them for 2 years. The quality is amazing, the customer service is great. You can trust this company!



The answer to almost 20 year searching...

Having had heart surgery some years ago, I was sent home from Hospital with a pair of awful white stockings that were supposed to be thigh-length, but which were far too short for me (I'm 190cm tall and 82Kg) and barely came over my knees, and then told that I would need to wear support stockings in the future! I struggled to find anything long enough that was comfortable under trousers, but finally last year I saw an advert for RelaxSan and tried them. They are wonderful... XL size is long enough, they are supportive, comfortable and, as Toralf says, they are smooth to wear under trousers without gripping the fabric. The price is excellent, I have tried stockings that were over €60 but nothing like as comfortable as these! Finally, for me as a man, a great advantage is that they have smart, but fairly plain, tops, rather than ultra-feminine lace!